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“It’s hotter than blue blazes!”

I search every week or so for the meaning of some of my most favorite southern sayings.  This week it was so simple to decide which phrase I would comment on and why.  It is after all hotter than blue blazes.  We are in our third week of 90 plus degree days without meaningful rain.  Not even the wind is stirring most days.  As  you open you door to go outside it feels as though you have just opened your oven to stick in the cornbread! 

The meaning relates to an extremely hot day in the south and the comparison to blue blazes relates to the electric blue flame you see when a fire is extremely hot.  You can see this blue flame in butane and propane torches as well as heavily stoked fires.  There’s several other heat related sayings I have heard all my life and use on a fairly regular basis.  My personal favorite is “Hotter than a witch’s tit in a brass bra!”  Now I have heard this one for years and even from my long passed Granny.  I always laughed and responded “How hot is that?” and we would both just laugh out loud.  But as with most things, you have to be more refined in public so witch’s tits aren’t really appropriate mixed company topics.  So as the years pass I find myself constantly (especially these days) swiping my brow and exclaiming in no uncertain terms that it is in fact “hotter than blue blazes” and everyone agrees and adds their own personal take on oppressive heat and exclamations thereof.


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